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More than 10 years of experience in the education sector, with time-proven output and inexhaustible caliber, we have expertise in abroad and Indian studies, having a wide range of subject consultation and career guidance. Without proper effort, things will be difficult but without proper guidance, the same remains impossible. For fulfilling this need we are here for you in the form of coaching and counseling session, which supplements your mind to aim precisely on the target without any failure. India has been an active participant in the field of emerging global workforce since the past two decades and therefore evolving as an essential part of the technologically well-connected world. There is an increasing trend among Indians to rise above and look beyond national boundaries for growth and better career prospects. Recognizing this rising need to provide assistance to continuously increasing the outflow of Indian professionals, AECS International has been launched to fulfill your all educational needs.

Admission Assistance

We help students to choose the right destination, the right course, and institution that matches their career aspirations and personal circumstances such as academic, employment and financial background.



Forex Assistance

Foreign exchange formalities, pre-departure briefing and training for settling into the new host country, accommodation and travel arrangements, post-arrival issues and assisting parents to ensure students are well settled abroad.

Career Counselling

Creating opportunities for you is what career building is all about. This is where the need for the coaching arises. We provide wide range of support starting from the beginner level to scholar student. We practice of giving sufficient direction, instruction and training to students to achieve their goals.

University Selection

We assist students to select colleges and universities abroad. Our advice is non-commercial and is not limited to the Universities we represent. We strive to offer accurate and time saving admissions information.



Education Loan Assistance

Proper guidance about the list of available banks and their loan structure, starting from the selection of Bank till the final approval and disbursal.


Pre-Departure Guidance

Prior to landing in the new country of your choice proper input is provided to help you migrate, travel & settle abroad.


Visa Assistance

We provide complete assistance with student visa applications. Students are given all information on the correct procedures and protocols including providing advice on the documentation required, lodging the student visa application and coordinating the same on student's behalf with the concerned visa office.


Training of IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, PTE ,SAT,GMAT  which is specific and focused as per student capabilities.

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Dedicated proactive guidance for the admission requirements to apply for various scholarship programmes for numerous universities.



  • 5 star review  Extremely happy with the efforts from AECS International. This proved to be mine final destination for all Overseas dreams. All queries were clearly resolved with best possible guidance about destination country, University and life after my education. Now I have a proper planning and firm determination to mend my life in a proper shape. The instruction what you will get here is astonishing and unpredictable. Shweta Gupta is very confident and experienced in education industry. Many thanks to them for making everything fissible. I am happy to be a part of AECS INTERNATIONAL and would love to drop few words of appreciation here.

    thumb abhaykumar patel
  • 5 star review  Absolutely stunning coaching service for IELTS in entire Gujarat. I have experienced few failures in past due to other consultant in city. Most of them are not aware about very basic stuffs in overseas education just they have a big brand name and grand infrastructure and this is true for all big players in market. Here at AECS INTERNATIONAL, all my dream come true. The detailed explanation and the solution offered against my problem was outstanding and beyond my expectation. I am absolutely satisfied by every service here. I am really thankful to Shweta Gupta madam for everything she did for my application. Kudos to team AECS!

    thumb darshan patel
  • 5 star review  Extremely happy and satisfied by the quality of service by AECS INTERNATIONAL. Absolutely worth it. They care for you and know what you want exactly. Success guaranteed!!!

  • 5 star review  Reviewing with positive experience. Recommended for students for overseas studies. Its very easy to score 6 in Ielts for everyone.

    thumb Amit Kumar
  • 5 star review  I have been planning for long for my Career overseas and was looking for a right guidance. My friend referred me AECS for both my IELTS and Visa purpose. Being and working professional I took a break of 21 days to prepare for IELTS. I scored desired score of L-8 R-7 W-7 S-7.5 & L-8.5 R-7 W-6.5 S 7.5 in both General and Academic. The best part was seamless documentation which is key for your success rate to visa. Preparing statement of purpose was next challenge which again proved to be effortless with the faculty. We then applied for my visa and booked Bio-metric and got my VISA unbelievably within less than 24 Hours. To summarize you just need right approach and correct guidance. Kudos to the team for the continuous guidance and efforts. I would recommend everyone aspiring for Overseas career to once visit AECS International for better clarity on the process.

    thumb Aditya Pawar














You have taken the right step by choosing AECS international as your trusted Overseas Educational Consultant. AECS will take care of the next steps until you start your overseas education in the country of your choice.

- Team AECS International